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Art as a reason to live was the purpose the Argentinian Andrés Dorigo (1944) set for himself, and he has relentlessly fulfilled it with passion and discipline. Early in the 70’s, the creative mind of this architect led him to the world of ceramics, which he nobly explored. He also discovered drawing and the obsession for the line that materializes ideas, the line that builds and thinks, the sovereign line. From those intense explorations, textualities and revelations, micro and macrocosms, rebellions and rules were born.

Dorigo transcends the limits of the mere testimony. He tends, subconsciously, to move and impact the viewer. Thus, his imaginary worlds beat within the shapes and become dynamic, lively, magical figures. They are not only shapes with backgrounds, histories and genealogies. His figures communicate and speak. Thus, those fairy creatures appearing in his color fields strike but do not hurt. They are there to be discovered and to be articulated into a whole and, at the same time, to play their own polyphony.

To Dorigo, the figure is the ideal universe that holds all the apprehensible feelings and senses, and it is revealed throughout his work through his fantastic and energetic expressionism. His series and his single works are an invitation to explore a space containing the values of a single image. For example, the series JA, JA, JA (2000) displays a strange conception of faces/ bodies expressing the symbology of laughter, the orality as a bond and foundation, as a vocal potentiality.

With an original pairing of art and craftwork, painting and object, drawing and ceramics, installation and sculpture, this expert artist disdains virtuosity. His work is open, void of superfluous embellishing marks: expression is the base and content. Closely tied to ecological, philosophical, and social issues, Dorigo begins his Tribute to Nature (2008/2011), where the imaginary overflows, symbolically, and redefines coexisting spaces and esoterisms.

With a refined drawing, which at the same time portrays other realities, Dorigo naturally blends reality and fantasy. Life flows throughout his work, where the line is a means and a graphic intention, where the effects convey unclassifiable sounds, where the formal balance universalizes the message.


Member of the National Academy of Fine Arts (Argentina)
Member of the International Association of Art Critics (Paris, France)